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    2019-05-09 11:28:37


    On 8th May,2019, Shanghai Hunter Marine CO.,Ltd has successfully obtained the certification of China classification society (CCS) quality management system certification”.The quality system of the company has been once approved by the quality certification company of China classification society, which fully verifies the excellent quality of hanter and is worthy of trust in the shipping industry, marking a new stage of hanter quality management.


    In the process of audit, professional evaluation teachers evaluate all aspects through field investigation, on-site inquiry and other ways. The quality system operation and related marine accessories products were comprehensively reviewed from aspects of quality management system, management responsibilities, resource management, product realization andother aspects .

    After the review, the review experts agreed that Hunter has achieved the quality management system of CCS classification society, and has the ability to achieve goals and self-improvement. Hunters implementation of the standards is efficient, rigorous, meticulous and acurate .



    Quality is the foundation of enterprise survival. Hunter actively participates in CCS certification.


    China classification society (CCS), formerly the ship inspection bureau of the People's Republic of China, was established in 1956. It is a special institution for China to formulate marine specifications and inspect ships and their materials and equipment. At present, the earliest and most famous certification bodies in the world are almost all operated by or by classification societies. Since its establishment, Hunter has been pursuing excellence. This time, it has successfully obtained the certification of quality management system of China classification society (CCS), which further proves the quality of Hunter.


    International quality standard, Hunter quality is more reliable.


    China classification society (CCS) is a professional institution engaged in ship classification inspection in China.It is a full member of the society of international classification societies (IACS) together with other 10 famous classification societies such as LIoyds, ABS and DNV&GL. According to the quality system specifications and standards of CCS, Hunters products are suitable for overseas ships, offshore facilities and related industries. "based on domestic and going to the world" is the full embodiment of Hunter's global vision and comprehensive strength.


    Hunter quality management to a new level, integrity and stability.


    Hunter has successfully obtained the CCS quality assessment and it has fully verified the integrity and stability of the internal quality management system of Hunter. At the same time, it is very helpful to improve quality management and reach a higher level. All employees of Hunter have a clearer goal and understanding the quality management system of CCS.